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VO live is a creative hub which will seek to promote unidentified voice over talent and also take small and medium sized businesses to that next level of creative branding and advertising. This platform is a one stop house for those that are looking to take their businesses to traditional promotional platforms such as radio and new media platforms such as digital as well as mobile platforms. Voice Over Live is primarily a voice bank where interested parties can come and scout for talent that will help them connect with their their clients or customer base. However this platform will provide other services to complement and support all our clients and all those that want to work with us. These services will include script writing, script translation Campaign generation and execution, activations/promotions, creative concepts and recording and mixing of ads. 

Our mission is to help unidentified voice talent and other creatives’ find a platform where they can shine and get a chance to compete on a bigger scale. In addition we also want to help small and medium sized businesses that may not have big advertising budgets create not only professional but good quality promotions that will help them get good return on investment.

Our goal is to promote local and national unidentified voice over talent and to try even out the playing field for them so that they get equal opportunity for jobs and recognition. On the other hand our goal is to interact with small businesses to a point where we understand their industry, their competition and what its offering, then tailor make campaigns that will help our clients standout or sell product. This interaction will help us see their unique strengths and competitive advantages which we can leverage or highlight on the creative executions.

Our vision is to see unidentified voice over talent getting recognized by big production houses and studios and also seeing small and medium sized businesses benefiting from good efficient advertising and creative executions. 

Voice Over Live (PTY) Ltd - A Comprehensive & Integrated Voice Over Solution

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