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Voice Over Live and its talent

VO-Live does not guarantee any of its members gigs/or voice jobs after listing on it.

VO-Live will be responsible for processing and arranging all artist bookings.

VO-Live will notify its artist of the times and details around all the bookings that came through its log

The platform (VO LIVE) has the right to promote or sell the talent it sees fit.

Our clients will have the right to choose which ever VO artist they see fit without being influenced by anybody else.

VO-live will be entitled to a percentage of all the bookings coming through its platform.

VO-Live has the right to reject talent or release talent where it sees fit.

By registering on VO-Live you agree to all our terms and conditions.


Voice Over Live and its clients

Only after the client has settled their account is when they will receive their requested products.

All production and script writing deliverables will have time frames that are set by VO-Live.

Only the clients that have a credit agreement with VO-Live will be granted credit. 

There will be a cancellation fee on all jobs that VO-live has started producing.

Clients will be required to fill in and sign a booking form or briefing form before VO-Live can commence with any job. 


No waiver

If at any time VO-Live doesn’t enforce any of the above terms and conditions or grants a client time or other indulgence, VO-Live shall not be construed as having waived that term or condition or its right to later enforce that or any other term and condition. 



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